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G4 SBus system offers you the simplest most effective home automation system. Giving you the ability to control every electrical and electronic device in you home with ease and elegance. It seamlessly integrates your Lighting, Multiroom Music, Video, HVAC, Security, Irrigation, and third party system. With G4 system you can control you home via Display panels, remote, SMS and mobile App giving you feedback with full control.

The beauty of G4 system is that its modular and panel based system allowing you to start from a single room and grow to a big villa or mansion. It also offers you all the full benefit of home automation at a very pocket friendly price.

Because its modular, you can start with a basic service or space and grow till you cover your entire project.

The abilities of G4 depend on your lifestyle and creative ability. Its simply can blow you mind away!

G4 brings the luxury of the rich to the comfort of everyone. That’s why our slogan is #Smart Home Everywhere


Smart Home



Smart Home Group, is a Home Automation company with more than 25 years of experience building the best systems over 76 countries around the world.
Our mission is to provide users with products that improve lifestyle and security using affordable components while promoting energy savings and care of our environment.



Home Automation means to provide spaces such as homes, buildings, offices, hotels, hospitals and others with technology capable of administrating all its facilities and services like natural and artificial lighting, air conditioning, security, health, entertainment, communications, irrigation and electronics. It is the administration of all your equipment as one central unit, accessible from everywhere around the world.



Smart-Bus is a communication protocol designed for Home Automation systems. This technology allows communication of multiples nodes within a single Cat5e cable using any topology. This means that your projects will be more flexible and with cost savings.



We comprehend our environment as all the natural or artificial resources that sustain us. This is in crisis and we cannot keep looking aside of this huge problem. This is why Smart Home Group promotes the home automation reducing the carbon footprint we create to live.
Our products help to create a balanced living style, taking care of all that surrounds us.
Energy saving is a necessity of today, not tomorrow.



With the inclusion of new technologies it’s possible to create products that breaks paradigms. Smart Home Group looks to improve our lifestyle under these columns:
•    Security
•    Welfare
•    I & D (Research and Development)
•    Energy Saving
•    Communications



Surveillance Cameras for both indoor and outdoor needs with night and day vision with event recording for family and home security. Access Controls for entry using the latest in biometrics. Sirens and flashers with announcement of security breach and intruder alert. Only Smart Home can provide you with 12 lines of defense in burglar security.

Switch Usage can be locked and unlocked with password, Arm or Disarm Security Alarms, with Panic Button; Programmable with various Announcements and Reminders.


The Technology You Deserve in Your Home.

Control your home is not only to administrate things from your smartphone……… is to imagine a place that interacts according to your wishes.


Imagine entering your home by biometric signatures, where a place with the perfect illumination and temperature is awaits you at any time of the day.

Being in the mood to share with friends in a relaxed atmosphere or seeing your favorite movie/music, let Smart Home help you enjoy every bit of your life!


Protect your home against gas leaks and fires using Detectors, Gas Valves Controllers and Gas Alerts.
Safety and security 2 zone Inputs: Door/Window contacts, Break Glass Detector, Shock, Smoke and Gas Detector.



  • Cost reduction thanks to automation
  • Integration with green power systems
  • Administration of power consumption
  • Efficient temperature control



Temperature Control
Your home will sense the heart or coolness needed and give you just the right atmosphere. It will make sure to switch off the AC just in time for you to wake up and maintain the desired temperature level you want for your room, and will shut off the moment the room is vacant.

Energy Saving
Turning Off Air-conditioning at vacant areas, having AC off automatically at a desired room temperature, monitoring and maintaining filter cleanliness status are factors that help decrease energy wastage.

Control Flexibility
Can Control up to 7 Slave Rooms Air-Conditioning-And Whole House or Room Master

  • Presence simulator.
  • Fire, water and smoke detectors.
  • Live video from your cameras.


Have you ever considered how much lighting can change your mood and the perception of all that surrounds you?
To control your lights with Smart Home is the easiest and smarter way by having the best panel in your wall.
Now your kitchen can become the heart of your home having fun with friends, a place where everything can become real either with family or friends under the right atmosphere.

Mood Lighting & Dimming
Adding light adds life, beauty and ambiance to homes. Smart home controls the light intensity, color and working channels creating an artistic and elegant shapes and effects that emphasize beauty.

Energy Saving
Turning off lights at areas not occupied, dimming lights in corridors and hallways, separating circuits creating energy saving solutions.

Control Flexibility
Control Lighting fixtures from a single wall switch. Control spot lights, Dome lights, chandeliers, table lamps and cave lights. With the SBUS intelligent dimmers you can control from 2 to 24 channels.


Our advanced system of security includes a biometric lock so you can choose who enters your home. Also, you can check in real time-live stream- your cameras from your smartphone, computer or tablet anywhere in the world.

If your alarm system activates, all the lights switches on an automatic programme sms or emails is sent instantly to your loved ones.

Go out on vacations is not leaving a place abandoned, it is to use a simulator of presence 24 hours a day, keeping your house safe and never again alone.


The Resound Wall Speakers are ideal to make perfect the atmosphere in your cinema room, studio, gaming room or at any commercial point like restaurant or retail store. Combine the best technology available to obtain the highest performance in Hi-End surround speakers with clean treble and deep bass.

They are 21 models to choose!!!


There’s nothing better than sharing a movie with your family and friends. Our media center performs flawlessly with no limit to storing movies. Watch the list of content from your smart-phone or tablet and with one tap, transforms your room into a real entertainment center.


Manage audio distribution throughout your home and choose your favorite music collection from your media library iPod or local room player.


When used with the 5 in 1 Sensor you can get the following Added features on the same switch:

  • Television/Projector Wall Control
  • Satellite Receiver/ Decoder/ Set Top Box Wall Control
  • DVD Player, CD/VCD Wall Controller
  • Run Scenes and Show Event Macros


With only one Smart Home control panel, you can replace the irrigation, alarm, lights, AC, heat and music panels. You just need one of our control panels with interchangeable skins!


With our HAC and mobile software, you can conveniently manage your lighting temperature, multi room music, video security, web cameras etc using your smart phone and PC any where in the world. Our SMS module enables you to use simple syntax to remotely control major appliances in your home and also receive alerts on your home status via email and sms.


Light control, Motorized projector lift, motorized screen, HVAC & Universal remote, Cinema seat.


Use the best multifunctional sensor in the market; it can do all you need to keep your environment safe and warm.
With 9 simultaneous functions you can program how your house works at any time.


Smart Business


G4 brings the luxury of smart home to work place, giving you the comfort and luxury of home automation in you business environment. Be it a place of worship, Boardroom, Smart Hotel, Smart restaurant & Bars, lounges or professional office.

No matter what your needs are from lighting, to presentation system to AV control, security and HVAC automation. We are here to make you work more effective and drive you clients and guest experience to a new level.




Smart Hotel Management and Control System (abbreviated room control system), is the use of computer control, communications,  management, technology, based on the in-room intelligent controller constitute a dedicated network for the hotel room lights, curtains, air conditioning, television, background music , access control, service management and control system for intelligent, real-time monitoring room status, guest needs, service conditions and equipment, etc., to assist the hotel room equipment and internal resources for real-time control and analysis of integrated services management control system.




● Reduced energy consumption and utility costs normally wasted on empty rooms
● Room status monitoring such as Do-not-Disturb, Laundry, Clean Room, & Guest occupancy.
● The entire system in the room can be controlled via our customized bed-side panels, and Smart Tablet PCs/devices.
● Regulated room temperature control according to guest preference
● Recognition that you’re doing your part to reduce your impact on the environment by operating a green hotel




The Smart Hotel G4 system has now come to be recognized as one of the most cost effective energy conservation
systems in the world, with proven energy savings of 15-40% making it a smart investment for any hotel owner.



We are delighted to bring to you in line with industry best practices, an integrated home technology solution, OneHomeNet.

OneHomeNet offers you integrated service solution for all the various home services, from communication, security, entertainment and home automation. Bringing you the very best in simple elegance.

OneHomeNet provides the central network hub for the following services to be distributed around the home:

  • Music
  • Movies
  • Security
  • Internet
  • Telephone
  • Automation
  • Uninterrupted Power

The uniqueness of OneHomeNet includes

  • Elegant, discreet & completely unobtrusive
  • Intuitive interfaces
  • Easy to use
  • Instantaneous information feedback
  • Flexible & upgradeable
  • Integrates with other home services

Intercoms: We provide you easy to use intercom systems using the best brands like, G4, Control 4, Siemens, Panasonic, Cisco, Asterisk, etc. Our PBX/IPBX system comes in different flavors and style. Offering you the convenience to communicated within and outside your home. All integrated into a single hub with the other services running in your home.

Internet: SHG connects you to High Speed Internet access delivered to your home via fiber, copper and wireless technologies. We provide you with the best infrastructure to allow you share this connection within your living space. Our service provides you the best of converged communication systems, voice, video and data over structured IP network

CCTV: With the advent of IP and distributed services, SHG provides you the platform to watch over your home and rest with peace of mind. Our CCTV is integrated into your home network so you can monitor your home from anywhere within your house, on your mobile devices and across the Internet. Reassuring you that you and your family are watched over, giving you the peace of mind for a well-deserved rest.

Fire Alarm: Each year people die or are seriously injured as a result of fires in buildings, yet many fires can be avoided by taking fire precautions. If a fire does break out, the effects can be minimized by having effective controls and procedures in place. Our OneHomeNet offers you integrated fire Alarm and control systems that can be built and integrated to your automated fire extinguisher, which offers you alert via email and sms on your home status.

Intrusion detection and alarm system: With rising security threat, controlling access to your home has come to play a critical role in every family overall security plan. Individuals are becoming aware of the benefits of the intruder Detection system and Perimeter Protection in controlling access, to ensure the safety of lives and properties. Our Intruder Systems consists of a panel, which is the control centre that provides information about the operation of the system, with remote keypads for programming the system and other accessories such as Motion detectors, Panic alarm buttons and Sounders to raise an alarm in the presence of an intruder. The system is built into the OneHomeNet hub, which alerts the home owner via sms, email or picture display.

Multiroom Audio/Video distribution: Imagine the whole family being able to enjoy and control their favorite music and video, in any room throughout the home. A multi-room entertainment system will turn this dream into reality, with the freedom and flexibility to access and control audio and video equipment independently in every room – think of it simply as central heating for pictures and sound. Everything you’ll need is at your fingertips, via stylish, intuitive keypads or remote controls, while exceptional high performance audio is delivered through discreet speakers.

Superb high fidelity music anywhere you want it, for everyone to enjoy, in the living room, dining room, kitchen, bedrooms and even the bathroom – all completely discreet. Smart Home Zone Audio Multiroom AV system is designed to integrate with your existing hi-fi stereo equipment. Additionally, where specified, you’ll have the freedom to quickly connect other audio equipment as and when you need – such as a computer, MP3 player or games console, using a local input. Once you’ve experienced our multiroom audio system in your home, anything less will be a compromise.

Home Cinema: Experiencing high quality movie is no longer exclusive to commercial cinema centre. Relax in the comfort of your home and enjoy your favorite movies with your family anytime any day in vivid colors and crispy audio quality. Our home cinema offers life size images in both 3D and High Definition with the corresponding surround sound effect in 5.1/ 7.1 and 9.2 setup.

Custom installed HiFi Systems: SHG partners with world class audio systems vendors to provide you with the right atmosphere to breathe, Listen, Daydream, transform.


It’s about getting together for dinner with friends, with the sounds of Jazz as a backdrop to a perfect night. It’s about Sunday mornings with breakfast and morning devotion, or maybe you prefer to start the day with a dose of metal. And it’s about family, gathering around the home entertainment system enjoying quality stereo with sound so clear and bass so tight, you become immersed in the music.

Our automation systems allows you to control your cinema with one remote, manage your Multiroom AV system, control your lighting and save energy, create more comfortable home and save the planet, enjoy full control of your home from anywhere in the world- Online or mobile devices, experience peace of mind with the feature of home security.

Visit Smart Home Group showroom today and have an experience…

Automated Gate and doors: Don’t leave your gate to the hands of inefficient gate man. Experience efficient gate management with our automated gate system. No need to pay for gate man, no need for gate house, just control and manage your gate from your car or house with easy to use remote control. Our automated gate solution can be integrated into our home automation and OneHomeNet system, allowing you to control your gate with ease, from anywhere, at anytime.

Power backup/ Solar systems: To keep you running with hassle, SHG keeps you green by offering efficient uninterrupted power supply. We design and install power inverters and solar systems and keep your home green with low energy bills with our automated power management systems.

Smart Home Group unique value is providing you with a onestop shop for all your technology need, making life easier, simpler and stylish. Live life to the fullest, visit Smart Home Group showroom today and lets our team of professional engineers help you address your needs.